Residential Care Homes Proposal


Project outline 


1. Cover Letter

  Hello and thank you for clicking on the follow-up link.

I am Chris Francis the leading photographer at Chris Francis Photography. Based in The  Midland but cover the South also I have been shooting for some years now and have The know how to bring out the best in everyone.

  This is a photography proposal outlining my service that I'm offering to your care Home.

  Best regards

  Chris Francis photography


If you wish to send an email simply click on the Website owner link below  

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2. Photography Portfolio

    My work specific to this proposal can  be viewed by clicking on this link Residential Care Homes portraits

or see video click here


3. Project Description


    A date is agreed, normally this is a date that the hairdresser does their hair.

    2 week before the agreed date notices should be put posted around the home to make relatives and residents aware and keep them in the loop

   Space is agreed to set up my small mobile studio (not much room is needed).

   we are sensitive to the fact some of the residents maybe be living with Dementia and other illnesses and every care will be taken to handle them in a care and understanding way.

   After the shoot images will be put online so relatives and friends can view the images.

   Any purchases can be done online or directly with me